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Reporting Software

Uncomplicated and efficient, ProPIPE+ Reporting Software and WinCan V8 reporting software is designed to be programmed into the Proteus and SOLOPro+ control unit. This comes embedded with the control unit as standard, giving the ability to perform comprehensive inspection reports on site and handed into the office for distribution purposes only. This in turn saves time on administration costs and gets the results to the client faster. ​ Minicam's Proteus and SOLOPro+ Control Units are WiFi enabled to allow remote access to stored images and data. Users can simply drag and drop files from control unit to PC, or upload to the Cloud directly on-site.

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Reporting Software

WinCan VX Reporting Software

  • Database Capabilities

  • WRc3 and WRc4 compliance

  • GIS integration

  • Advanced technology modules

  • Enhanced reporting

  • Support for network installation

  • Support for enterprise databases

  • (Oracle, SQL)

WinCan VX is the core of the entire WinCan product family. It offers the core functionality you need to collect pipe inspection data, organize it into a database, and generate inspection reports that graphically display the pipe and its defects. WinCan VX also allows you to manage data in the office post-inspection, share it with clients using free viewer software, and export it in a variety of formats. Various report templates present a concise summary of asset condition, and can be fully customized to individual needs.

•WinCan software is sold separately

Product Code: WIN-CAN-REP

View, record and annotate inspection footage from any composite video source with Minicam Control Units. User friendly multi-function hot keys control an intuitive on-screen display, to enable quick and accurate navigation and numerous other features.

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