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New Skilfully Miniaturised Cameras

We are excited to announce the launch of our new miniaturised camera systems SOLOPro+50 and SOLOPro+ Mini-Reel.

Both systems feature robust and compact miniature cameras, engineered to perform accurate inspections in small diameter pipes.

Above: (L-R) CAM050 and CAM030

SOLOPro+50 Features a robust and compact pan-rotate laser camera, engineered to perform accurate inspections in small diameter pipes 60mm and greater. Integrated dual aligned lasers and distance sensor enable distance, pipe diameter and defect measurement. New extra-flexible pushrod helps navigate tight bends and lateral entries.

SOLOPro+Mini-Reel The unique mini coiler and miniature 30mm camera are perfect for small diameter pipe inspections 32mm up, in hard to reach applications. Expertly engineered in stainless steel, the precision CAM030 offers maximum flexibility for use in small diameter pipe applications. The generous 390mm length, in-built springiness and four ultra-bright LED’s enables unlimited adaptability for those hard to navigate, awkward situations.