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InPipe Colleagues Take English Lessons

Austrian Colleagues at Mini-Cam’s sister company InPipe are about to switch up their English speaking skills with the introduction of weekly, one hour English lessons. Sue Marshall, the English tutor was born in Grimsby(UK), has lived in Germany for 20 years and now lives in the Austrian Valley of Kleinwalsertal. The 1 hour teaching slots conveniently take place every Monday after production in the factory has ended for the day.

InPipe Managing Director Dietmar Jochum set up the teaching sessions for his 12 strong team, in order to further improve communication with the company’s UK based colleagues at Mini-Cam’s Golborne factory. English language spoken by many of the Austrian colleagues is already exceptionally good, which was noted when they visited the Golborne Headquarters last November. Dietmar commented “We are all looking forward to the extra help with our English, and I am hoping that Mini-Cam notices our progress over the next few months”.

InPipe colleagues design and manufacture a vast range of components and also prepare various product pre-builds for Mini-Cam’s range of Proteus crawlers. The components and pre-builds are shipped to the UK factory for final assembly and testing.