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Happy 20 Years of Service to Glenn!

Over the past couple of weeks, we celebrated our Operations Manager, Glenn Guest’s 20 years of service at Minicam. Glenn started working for Minicam in February of 2002 and has worked in nearly all areas of the company’s operations over the years. He has a breadth of experience and knowledge of our products, technology and applications with strong relationships with everyone in the company, our customers, dealers and suppliers.

In the celebration of his service, Glenn commented “It’s been an excellent 20 years at Minicam where I have been privileged to work for and alongside some positive, hardworking, and innovative people who have helped make the company become what it is today. To be involved in the ever-growing Minicam story from pretty much the beginning has helped me learn new skills and allowed me to develop myself and others along the way. I’d like to think all the people who I have worked with over the last 20 years including the very talented team that we have currently put together who are now taking us to the next level. Thanks to my wife Joanne who’s had to tolerate my second family for all these years and thanks to Nigel and Janice for the opportunity to join the company all those years ago. They say that time flies when you spend time doing what you enjoy and that has certainly been the case for me at Minicam. I would say here’s to the next 20 years but I’m not sure that’s in the plan”

We can’t wait to see what else Glenn has to offer for Minicam!