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Halma Launches Partnership with WaterAid

Mini-Cam is excited to announce that our parent company, Halma plc, the global group of life-saving technology companies, is partnering with WaterAid, the international water charity, to provide 8,000 people in India with clean drinking water.

Access to safe drinking water is a significant global issue, and the global pandemic has only served to reinforce its vital importance in protecting our most vulnerable communities. One in ten people worldwide do not have access to water that is safe to drink, with those most at risk being children and their families in poor and rural communities. Two billion people worldwide access drinking water through a source that is contaminated. Lack of access to safe water is a significant factor in the deaths of more than 56,000 under-fives each year, caused by diarrhoea as a result of dirty water and poor sanitation.

Our colleagues are delighted to support the partnership and as a company will be organising fund raising campaigns over the next two years, and implementing initiatives throughout the company to conserve our own water usage and wastewater emissions, to help reduce our climate impact.