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Dealer Profile #2 – Rafnar Poland

Welcome to the latest in our series of articles in which we profile members of our growing global dealer network. This month it is the turn of RAFNAR, based in Poland.

RAFNAR is a trusted supplier of all Mini-Cam push camera and crawler systems and accessories throughout Poland, and the company also provides after-sales servicing support to customers. The seeds of our partnership were sown when the owners of RAFNAR visited our stand at the IFAT-ENTSORGA trade fair in Munich in spring 2016. Several meetings followed and we appointed RAFNAR in September last year as our sole distributor in Poland.

The partnership is proving extremely successful – RAFNAR’s staff are passionate about our products and pro-active in the Polish market. Initially, they went on a road trip around the country with our demonstration van to showcase our products to potential clients, and in a short space of time they have built a strong customer base.

They appreciate the opportunity to speak directly and regularly with our own staff and we have helped RAFNAR to develop bespoke products to suit the Polish market. RAFNAR’s customers include municipalities, contractors, power and water plants, water treatment plants and engineering companies. Sven Breitenfeld, Mini-Cam’s head of international sales and marketing, says: “Since translating our catalogues and launching our products in Poland with RAFNAR, we have had some really good successes.“People in Poland love our products, as they are easy to use, easy to set up, they are good value and reliable.

“Also, the professional and customer-orientated focus of RAFNAR is popular. They have good contacts throughout Poland – they are well-known and trusted in sales and service.”

Visit the Rafnar website at: